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33 thoughts on “FULL WEEK OF MEAL PREP FOR UNDER $20.00 | MEALS FOR WEIGHT LOSS | Jordan Cheyenne”

  1. Thanks for vid. Tip: Don't put hot foods into plastic containers until it cools to room temperature. The heat can release plastic toxins – even if it's BPA-free (there are other very unhealthy chemicals in plastic – not only BPA). Also, don't microwave the plastic, either. Just transfer your food from the container onto a ceramic plate, and then heat, and eat. 🙂

  2. Okay y'all chill in the comments… She didn't add seasoning. So what? She didn't want to. She didn't have to. She likes it the way she makes it. If you were doing the meal prep plan that she did, then you could change it however you like it. Add more, add less… Make it how you like it, while keeping it healthy. Eat what you want how you want it. This is how she wanted it. 🙌😤😂

  3. I am trying to find your video on how you lost 10lbs in 3 days! but every time I click on the link, it goes to a video on how to make money? How do I get to that video?

  4. Awesome video. I eat oatmeal and raisins M-W-F no cook. Just put in a re usable bowl with water wait 20-30min. Cost less than a $1. The other 4 days I have a 2egg sandwich with a coupe cloves of fresh chopped garlic and cheddar and Tabasco and Ez 4:9 Bible bread. The bread is very expensive but well worth it. Sandwich cost $1.40.
    I’m not as economical as u but I’m trying. Thx for video.

  5. Wow! You peeps are brutal. She’s staying fit and doing it on a budget. She also said to change to your tastes accordingly. I meal prepped with my son, bodybuilder, for years. We made it fun and affordable. Why not just take her ideas and implement your own? If you have nothing nice to say… 🙄

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