eight min buns – butt exercise

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Finest buttocks exercise. Get good buns in eight min. Are your prepared for this summer time ? Let’s to coach your physique.
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49 thoughts on “eight min buns – butt exercise”

  1. My experience:. Day 1: THIS IS PAINFUL I GIVE UP!!
    Day 2: painful but I do it anyways
    Day 3: getting used to the pain
    Day 4: I don't feel like doing this anymore I see no change but still did
    Day 5: Did it normally
    Day 6: I saw a transformation and got more motivated
    As I kept doing this, day by day, the transformation was getting bigger and better !!!!!
    U guys (well girls) u don't need surgery for the results u want. Yeah it hurts like hell but trust me, it's all worth it in the end!!

  2. This is very good, my ass is rounder and got really firm, just do this every day , eat right , drink lots of water and you will see very great results in a month, followed with the abs exercise too👌🏽

  3. 您好
    請問您身邊有沒有人想要瘦3~50公斤或是雕塑下半身的.有的話可以+我好友或私賴我嗎? 感恩!(^_^)
    與您分享:我從小肥胖,後來用健康的方式一個月減重6kg,甩肉5%,全身雕塑22cm,衣服從XL穿到S號!我男友一個半月減5kg肚子都不見了! 或是填寫下面的健康諮詢問卷呦~~~


  4. It works, but I have to keep pausing the video to get into each position. How they expect people to go from floor knees to back then to feet within 2 seconds god knows.

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